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Wow I was missing out on a lot of neat shit, turns out. I didn't manage to get to everything, but I did watch some things I didn't initially have on the list.
And because I'm bored and this Dreamwidth needs more attention, I'll write a short (or long) review of everything I watched.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Seriously considering labeling this as the best anime I have ever watched. No lie because goddamn everything about this show was virtually perfect. Character arcs, the plot from start to finish, the overall message, JUST EVERYTHING. I've never cried so much during an anime before, it's just so freakin' inspirational, and this, without a doubt, is a masterpiece of an anime, and I'm very happy to have gotten around to watching it.
Everything I wanted in an Adult Swim-esque anime and more. This hilarious, charming, coming-of-age six-episode OVA was the first thing I watched when I got the house to myself. I sat through it all with a grin on my face and howling with laughter the whole way through. Somehow, amid all the craziness and art-shifts and Haruko being a fucking boss of a space alien, it somehow got it's message through to me. Somehow they've managed to keep this anime grounded, whereas anything else close to as insane as this anime was would blast off into the atmosphere at Mach 5 speed and never come back. What an achievement.
Slayers Movies:
First thing shinigamishi and I watched together on the day of her arrival here in Colorado. Marathoned nearly all of them before she had to go sleep. God we really fucked with our sleeping schedules while she was here. But anyways, the Slayers continue to be charming, witty, absolutely hilarious and somewhat heartfelt. I only had a gripe with Slayers Premium, but every other movie was a fucking gem.
Cromartie High School:
I cannot stress how awesome this anime was. It's all the craziness of FLCL with fewer explosions but no less planetary travelers. It's about a high school for not-quite-delinquents, with students that range from gorillas, to robots, to Freddy Mercury. Cue shenanigans that don't always make sense but still kinda have decent messages in the middle of it all. I watched the dub, and frankly, it's definitely one of the best that I've heard.
5 Centimeters Per Second:
Scenery porn out the fucking ass, but I couldn't bring myself to give a shit about the main characters. Because really, the director's art skills are out of this world, but the writing REALLY needs some help.
Summer Wars
Right after this movie I watched Summer Wars, which was a blessed relief after enduring that boring shit. I'd watched the original Digimon movie (both done by the same director), and easily saw the parallels between the two. It reminded me greatly of the MGS series, particularly the latter half, where the world is heavily controlled/influenced by a singular computer system. It transitions smoothly between reality and the colorful world of OZ, a mecca of businesses and personal pleasures gone wild. Heartfelt, dramatic, and suspenseful, with a touch of romance that isn't over the top or cheesy, it is a fantastic movie.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Season 2 Finale:
They really delivered on this finale with fantastic animation, a frightening new villain, and wonderful songs. I was not disappointed.
Shinigamishi is a very big fan of the Stargate series, and I am gradually becoming one. An old-school sci-fi with well-rounded characters, witty humor and legitimately disturbing nightmare fuel moments that went on for at least ten seasons, another movie, and two more series that went on for five seasons. We only got around to the first season during the time she was here, but I plan to queue this up on Netflix and watch it all when I get the chance. Because goddamn I am really enjoying this TV show.
A show I'd seen in frequency on my dashboard, I finally decided to check it out. And for a Disney XD show animated in Flash, this is absolutely amazing. A cyberpunk story with cars, explosions, in a dystopian future with a high-tech, safe and clean world above with strict rules and cruel punishments, and a colorful, free, dirty slum below with buildings falling into ruin, graffiti gracing almost every single wall left to turn to dust, and four-jawed rats running around in the lowest parts. With threats from above and below, a group of hot-rod driving rebels seek to defeat the corporation that's suppressing it's people and return their personal freedoms. The villain has a character arc, I think every single character in the series is fantastically well-characterized, and great voice acting. This show is a must-see.
Gravity Falls:
In stark contrast to Cyberpunk, fast-paced and heavy metal Motorcity on Disney XD, on the Disney Channel has come Gravity Falls. While watching Gurren Lagann, I desperately needed breaks from it, so having heard so little yet so much about this adorable yet eerie show, I gave it a shot.
Best decision thus far.
The series follows the misadventures of two twin siblings sent to live with their great uncle during the summer. And not long after arriving do they discover a book containing many documents of the creatures, secrets, and dark history surrounding the town Gravity Falls. I wasn't expecting much out of a show like this, but I have fallen head-over-heels to the ground for this show and I cannot get up. Every character has their moment of awesome and silly while somehow making this show fairly frightening, with several Spickerwick Chronicles and Twin Peak references popping up every now and again. We have seen a zombie teenager that turned out to be a bunch of Gnomes, a pair of ghosts with a vendetta against everyone 13 and up, cursed wax figures, and the eventual promise of Doctor Who-esque time-travel.
In addition, during the opening credits, at the very end, there is whispering. Played backwards, the whispering says "Three Letters Back", themethod of deciphering the secret code of Gravity Falls, in which you go back three letters of the alphabet. At the end of each episode, during the credits, there is one such code you can pause and decipher. And it doesn't stop there.
It's not just a show, it's a puzzle, one I am more than determined to solve.

And that's what I've watched thus far. I didn't get around to everything, but Baccano! and Hellsing Ultimate are definitely on the must-watch list before college starts in a couple of weeks. I think i'll also add Neon Genesis Evangelion, an anime by Gainax. They also produced Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, and had their hand in FLCL. I also wanna see Voices of a Distant Star for the scenery porn and while the Homestuck hiatus still looms over our heads I've still got to read Rubyquest and Namesake...
Soooo much to read/watch, but oh well.
Aaaand that's all for now!
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