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 With the weather getting chilly and the summer coming to a close, I have another job prospect with a bigger paycheck coming up, and anticipation for the season of heat bills and sweaters. We also have the upcoming premieres of fresh new autumn animes to look forward too, with the summer animes slowly coming to a close with prospects of future continuations in the next year. There's also the lineup of holiday console releases and games. We're aiming for a WiiU currently, because the lure of Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, and Windwaker HD are just too much to resist.

So I spent the latter half of my summer watching a select few animes (and not animes) and working upon returning from my Caribbean adventures, with a couple of webcomics, movies, and a podcast on the side.


No. 6:

A post-apocalyptic anime featuring a dystopian city by the name of No. 6, the last of six surviving habitual territories following a brutal nuclear war. The story follows Nezumi and Shion, two unlikely boyfriends who live outside the city surviving and learning each others perspectives as the truth behind the city is revealed and they gradually balance each other out. It's pretty short, the ending felt a bit rushed, but the character dynamic and development was absolutely off the charts incredible.

Gravity Falls Season Finale:


Uchouten Kazoku:

One of those animes you have to hear from someone else in order to even know about it. This was a rather unexpected find, but an excellent find nonetheless. A rather whimsical, stylized slice-of-life style anime following the life and times of a mischievous Tanuki family, consisting of a mother who often turns herself into a prince, a frog in a well, and a boy who often transforms into a girl. The four brothers slowly uncover the details behind their father's death, learning of conspiracies that may topple Tanuki society as they know it, all the while avoiding the horrible fate of falling into a hot pot and becoming dinner. Positively rich in character depth, in color and background, in interactions, in music, and in fantasy, this is definitely a must-see.


You probably know this as that 'gay swimming anime', which is exactly what is it. I've sat through some really cliched yaoi animes from the 90's and all of them put together don't even compare to the amount of sexual tension there is between the male cast. You will not find another anime with more gratuitous fanservice aimed towards women anywhere else (At least, one with correct anatomy).

Doctor Who:

Quite the ride, to be frank. Quirky weird sci-fi with snarky humor and sassy aliens with fantastic special effects. Nine is definitely my favorite Doctor, and Ten is gradually growing on me. I have to get around to the next several episodes as I've taken a break from it, but I might indeed continue!


Final Fantasy meets Sailor Moon meets Red vs. Blue. I am far too invested in this absolutely ridiculous psuedo-anime webshow to be healthy and I'm loving every second of it. It's on the Roosterteeth website and new episodes are uploaded every Thursday, so holy shit dude give this one a go.

-Video Games

The Last of Us:

That highly anticipated post-apocalyptic fungus zombie game was the only game I played as of late, and it is really an incredible experience, laden with character development, terrifying situations where one wrong step can lead to dozens of swarming, blind zombies, and breath-taking environments that truly make it FEEL like it's long been the end of the world, this gem of a story is something that isn't to be missed!


Pacific Rim:

Whatever you do, do NOT miss out on this fantastic, giant-robots-punching-giant-monsters, rolling-in-cliches action flick. I don't care that there's nothing original about it because it is definitely the most fun, inspiring movie I've seen in ages. It's dark in some sections but this movie has a diverse cast composed of POC, the white guy lead is empathetic, kind, and almost nurturing, and disabled scientists end up being the ones to save the world. This whole fucking movie is just the best thing I've seen and instead of being gritty and bleak it's hopeful and strong. Just fucking watch it PLEASE.

Alien Anthology:

Hoooolyyyyyyy shit dude once I told my dad I had never seen the Alien series he ordered all the movies on a blue-ray boxset and we spent an entire weekend marathoning them. This suspenseful sci-fi series is an instant classic, true to its roots and now a favorite. Oh man the xenomorph design gets me every time, and the Alien Vs. Predator movies? Oh my god. If you haven't already seen the movies, treat yourself to them the minute you get the chance.

-Web Stuff:

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things:

A slice of life webcomic following Commander Badass, a divorced-dad-time-traveling-space-marine, running an agency finding average-Joe jobs for super-buff, gritty video game protagonists and helping them get along with normal society. Also starring his cute kids, his butcher-shop-assistant-procrastinating-markswoman girlfriend Jonesy, Xbox-addict-turned-Pokemon-trainer intern Jared, his Gyrados Mr. Fish, and the insomniac Canadian Canada. Shenanigans ensue and this is undoubtedly the funniest webcomic I've read in a long time.

The Fox Sister:

A story set in Korea in the 1960's, a priestess attempts to hunt down the savage fox that ate her sister and stole her form with the help of a Christian Missionary. Still in it's early stages but screams with a shitload of potential. Give it a try!

Welcome to Night Vale:

Imagine the Twilight Zone was a desert town with weird daily happenings and everybody treats it as totally normal. These are told in the form of a fictional radio broadcast from a fictional town, featuring updates on strange happenings, a community calender, eerie advertisements, and musical weather. The episodes are about 20-30 minutes long and all are available for download for free, but make sure to drop off a donation or two for the creators ;)

And that concludes this media round-up, stay tuned for, perhaps, a giant music post.

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