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 I got a story to tell y'all.

Years ago, we were a good little Christian family who were friends with another good little Christian family. The eldest son of this family was a huge Pokemon fan, and he introduced me and my brother to it, via lots of rare Pokemon cards and VHS's of the anime. We went into public school sometime later and Pokemon was everywhere.

Some time later, my parents sat us down and told us that the other family had told them that Pokemon had been created by, and I quote, 'bad people'. Looking back on it now they may have gotten it confused with Yu-Gi-Oh, another popular card game at the time that had things like demonic possession and occult stuff, things that were the stuff of nightmares for conservative parents. Regardless, we didn't question it, packed all the Pokemon stuff away, and left it at that. My Pokemon experiences were now limited to staring over the shoulders of other kids as they fought their way through the Johto league and showed off folders filled with meticulously organized Pokemon cards.

Circa 2004, my brother and I were given Gameboy Advanced SP's for Christmas, and begged Mom for Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby, Sapphire for myself, and Ruby for my brother. The Pokemon ban was more or less lifted.

Fall 2008, the eldest son of the other family died in a bike accident outside his own house. We grieved, held an upbeat wake and funeral, and moved on.

Fast forward to 2013, this family who had urged my parents to ban all things Pokemon in my house have fallen apart and completely stopped being Christians altogether. I had bought myself a Pokemon X edition of a 3DS XL, and built up an unstoppable team to bring down the Kalos league, and Ruby and Sapphire are finally getting a remake. I've finally told myself I ain't too old for Pokemon and that the middle school kids who thought so are complete shits.

The irony is so thick it's not even funny anymore.

And that's the end of the story.

The few months have been interesting. I have worked at McDonalds, been disturbed by it's incredible incompetence, quit, spent a good two months in various locations on the East Coast, browsed all it had to offer, and come home.

Now I have a job at the local movie theater and am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of free viewings and early screenings of varying movies that have been thrust upon me. I have also violently regressed back into Pokemon.

It's kinda nice to have something to do again. And to have a general idea of what I want to do. I'm going to apply for catering classes come tomorrow, and see where it takes me from there! Maybe take another art class for stress relief on the side. It depends.

Anyways, no media round-up today, not until I make a list of all the animes and games and cartoons I've gone through/finished.

I'm trying the [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo  challenge again, to give myself something to do in my free time. I highly recommend everyone give it a shot!

'til next time! Take care of yourselves!

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