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 I HAVE TWO JOBS NOW AND IT'S REALLY NICE I have my once-a-week job cleaning the nail spa and a full time job at my local McDonalds. Can't say it's the best job in the world given the weird hours I have to sleep nowadays but it's paying for itself! With my most recent paycheck I was able to get birthday presents and a brand new laptop! Of course I did all this shopping during the madness otherwise known as Black Thursday/Friday, but I got a hell of a bargain on it considering it's an A10 with over a terabyte of space on it. Xbox360's were also on sale for $100, and Blu-Rays for 3-6 dollars. So while I'm still settling in on it and downloading all the music that didn't make it on due to some encryption error, here's a media post.


For the Holiday seasons, in addition to working on individual presents, setting up a new fic blog, tentatively dipping my toe in the waters of new fandoms and trying new writing styles, I've completed a [community profile] fandom_stocking entry here. You should go fill it :)

And you should also make your own form so I can give you nice things for the holidays!

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 With the weather getting chilly and the summer coming to a close, I have another job prospect with a bigger paycheck coming up, and anticipation for the season of heat bills and sweaters. We also have the upcoming premieres of fresh new autumn animes to look forward too, with the summer animes slowly coming to a close with prospects of future continuations in the next year. There's also the lineup of holiday console releases and games. We're aiming for a WiiU currently, because the lure of Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, and Windwaker HD are just too much to resist.

So I spent the latter half of my summer watching a select few animes (and not animes) and working upon returning from my Caribbean adventures, with a couple of webcomics, movies, and a podcast on the side.

Mirror, tell me something... )

And that concludes this media round-up, stay tuned for, perhaps, a giant music post.

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 So Homestuck resumed last week, can't say I'm gonna bother keeping up with it right now :/ Idunno man I was pretty happy with a summer-long hiatus, and at this point I only care about a couple of the characters rather than where the dwindling-in-quality plot is going, so I'm just gonna have a Homestuck-free summer for the time being, because right now I'm extremely preoccupied with the majesty known as Shingeki No Kyojin and its rapidly growing fandom, in addition to submersing myself in everything the Kawoshin section of the Evangelion fandom has to offer.

Additionally there are other fantastic webcomics (Gunnerkrigg Court, Ava's Demon, Go Get a Roomie, Cucumber Quest, as a few examples) that all currently demand my attention!

So last week was virtually hype week, what with E3 (Praise be the Nintendo and Sony based gods) going on and the absolutely fantastic Studio Killers album finally released on Friday.  It's been a while since I've snagged an album where I love each and every song on it and can just loop each individual one for hours. I also found this lovely little gem if you're into chiptune, copious amounts of pink, and imagery of 90's anime sci-fi. And let's not forget Jim Gurthie's Take's Time that is quite something to hear and rather soul-cleansing. And I finally got around to grabbing Random Access Memories by Daft Punk and dang man talk about jams. And in a couple weeks time we have the A Color Map of the Sun album by Pretty Lights being released and the current single Around the Block is pretty damn good. There's also the lovely soundtrack to OFF, which I highly recommend!

In other news I'm headed to the Caribbean come July, so that'll be a thing!

And that's it for now.

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