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 Been quite a year.

1. Take better care of my body, especially my skin.
2. Save up my money for nice things and hopefully a new house
3. Either take a night shift for extra cash or go back to classes. Bonus points if I manage both.
4. Go to the Mardi Gras somehow
5. Post more things here for archiving purposes
6. Write more fanfiction.
7. Play five video games on my 'to play list. New ones don't count, it has to be the ones currently sitting in my drawer and my Steam Account.
8. Watch five animes on my 'to watch' list. Same as above.
9. Tell the person I have a crush on that I have a crush on them.


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 I got a story to tell y'all.

A tale of magical RPG animals and irony )

The few months have been interesting. I have worked at McDonalds, been disturbed by it's incredible incompetence, quit, spent a good two months in various locations on the East Coast, browsed all it had to offer, and come home.

Now I have a job at the local movie theater and am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of free viewings and early screenings of varying movies that have been thrust upon me. I have also violently regressed back into Pokemon.

It's kinda nice to have something to do again. And to have a general idea of what I want to do. I'm going to apply for catering classes come tomorrow, and see where it takes me from there! Maybe take another art class for stress relief on the side. It depends.

Anyways, no media round-up today, not until I make a list of all the animes and games and cartoons I've gone through/finished.

I'm trying the [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo  challenge again, to give myself something to do in my free time. I highly recommend everyone give it a shot!

'til next time! Take care of yourselves!

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 I HAVE TWO JOBS NOW AND IT'S REALLY NICE I have my once-a-week job cleaning the nail spa and a full time job at my local McDonalds. Can't say it's the best job in the world given the weird hours I have to sleep nowadays but it's paying for itself! With my most recent paycheck I was able to get birthday presents and a brand new laptop! Of course I did all this shopping during the madness otherwise known as Black Thursday/Friday, but I got a hell of a bargain on it considering it's an A10 with over a terabyte of space on it. Xbox360's were also on sale for $100, and Blu-Rays for 3-6 dollars. So while I'm still settling in on it and downloading all the music that didn't make it on due to some encryption error, here's a media post.


For the Holiday seasons, in addition to working on individual presents, setting up a new fic blog, tentatively dipping my toe in the waters of new fandoms and trying new writing styles, I've completed a [community profile] fandom_stocking entry here. You should go fill it :)

And you should also make your own form so I can give you nice things for the holidays!

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 With the weather getting chilly and the summer coming to a close, I have another job prospect with a bigger paycheck coming up, and anticipation for the season of heat bills and sweaters. We also have the upcoming premieres of fresh new autumn animes to look forward too, with the summer animes slowly coming to a close with prospects of future continuations in the next year. There's also the lineup of holiday console releases and games. We're aiming for a WiiU currently, because the lure of Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, and Windwaker HD are just too much to resist.

So I spent the latter half of my summer watching a select few animes (and not animes) and working upon returning from my Caribbean adventures, with a couple of webcomics, movies, and a podcast on the side.

Mirror, tell me something... )

And that concludes this media round-up, stay tuned for, perhaps, a giant music post.

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 So quick update Welcome to Night Vale is an EXCELLENT podcast and you all should go listen to it. All the episodes are archived here and the main website is right here!
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I GOT MY FIRST JOB TODAY HOLY SHIT It's a really good one at a nail spa, they needed someone to clean up after hours, aaaand I start on Sunday and work three days a week for three hours and get paid eight dollars per hour! :D

So that's an accomplishment I've been hoping to reach for a long time now, and I'm really happy I could get a job doing something I'm experienced in. When you spend two years with nine siblings cleaning becomes your forte.

As a sort of side-hobby I've taken to making fanmixes. I only have one published so far, but it's a pretty big hit! I'm juggling two others as we speak, both Evangelion related as well.

My trip to the Caribbean was something else. So many sights to see, people to meet, friends to make, foods to try! My only complaint is the insane price of food, but it's a small bump on the road of an otherwise perfect summer vacation.

In other words Free! is a perfect anime and you should watch it if you like dorky boys with awesome muscles and tons of homo-erotic subtext and cool water animation holy shit dude.
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 So Homestuck resumed last week, can't say I'm gonna bother keeping up with it right now :/ Idunno man I was pretty happy with a summer-long hiatus, and at this point I only care about a couple of the characters rather than where the dwindling-in-quality plot is going, so I'm just gonna have a Homestuck-free summer for the time being, because right now I'm extremely preoccupied with the majesty known as Shingeki No Kyojin and its rapidly growing fandom, in addition to submersing myself in everything the Kawoshin section of the Evangelion fandom has to offer.

Additionally there are other fantastic webcomics (Gunnerkrigg Court, Ava's Demon, Go Get a Roomie, Cucumber Quest, as a few examples) that all currently demand my attention!

So last week was virtually hype week, what with E3 (Praise be the Nintendo and Sony based gods) going on and the absolutely fantastic Studio Killers album finally released on Friday.  It's been a while since I've snagged an album where I love each and every song on it and can just loop each individual one for hours. I also found this lovely little gem if you're into chiptune, copious amounts of pink, and imagery of 90's anime sci-fi. And let's not forget Jim Gurthie's Take's Time that is quite something to hear and rather soul-cleansing. And I finally got around to grabbing Random Access Memories by Daft Punk and dang man talk about jams. And in a couple weeks time we have the A Color Map of the Sun album by Pretty Lights being released and the current single Around the Block is pretty damn good. There's also the lovely soundtrack to OFF, which I highly recommend!

In other news I'm headed to the Caribbean come July, so that'll be a thing!

And that's it for now.
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 I'm not even gonna wait for my next big post to rave about Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan) because damn man if you are not watching this anime or reading the manga you need to get your ass in gear and do it now.

I'll sum it up:

-Horror/Thriller manga setting done RIGHT whereas mankind is under siege by man-eating giants that kill and eat them for sport only.
-Really simple gender things that it does well such as unisex military uniforms, women are visible EVERYWHERE in the ranks, no gross fanservice or strategic ripping of clothes, no gender stereotyping among the male OR the female characters, and (as horrible as this sounds) an equal amount of men and woman are regularly killed and eaten gruesomely by the ugly enemies of mankind.
-Hotheaded shounen protagonist that is driven, not by passion or idiocy, but disturbing, deeply-rooted bloodlust and hatred and is constantly curb-stomped and has to have his ass rescued.
-Absolutely FANTASTIC handling of sexuality and not emphasizing a character's traits ONLY on their sexuality.
-Plot twists that don't feel cheap or pulled out the ass and fantastic writing.

The anime isn't that far along and will quite unlikely go as far as the manga is now so go spoil yourself silly on the manga before getting started on the beautifully animated episodes.

In contrast to this glorious horror manga that I've gotten attached to, I've joined the [community profile] hs_worldcup  under the banner of Team Noir, so I don't have to strain under the pressure of being apart of a competing team AND I get to participate in the Bonus Rounds! Here's to hoping that they bring back the super-successful Genre Mixing from last year's HSO!

Additionally, I was linked to a rather realistic Sburb simulator called The Overseer Project, where you can join a session, grind for grist by hammering down enemies of different levels, dream on Prospit/Derse, rise up an Echeladder and get to name the rungs, AND have a whole lot of items to experiment with in alchemy!

If you have a group of friends pining for a Homestuck experience since it's hiatus began, look no further and round them up for an exciting(and time-consuming) game of Sburb, apocalypse not included!
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I'm stuck at home with a sore throat and my lungs feel like they're on fire. What better time to sum up my recent adventures in media?

That's all for right now then!


Apr. 21st, 2013 04:33 pm
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So it's been a while. I'll recap my anime/game/webcomic experiences later after my backlog of homework is done, but since Homestuck is going on a several month long hiatus I can finally focus my spare energy on getting through everything ever wanted to see/read/play.

During Hiatustuck I will:


Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
Bioshock Infinite
Mass Effect Trilogy
The Binding of Isaac
The Crooked Man
To The Moon
Mother 3
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door


One Piece
Evangelion Rebuild 3.0
Sailor Moon
Magic Knight Rayearth
The rest of Motorcity
Shingeki No Kyojin
Bob's Burgers
Doctor Who


Shingeki No Kyojin Manga
The Fox Sister

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I've kinda had a rough couple of months, getting my wisdom teeth removed, struggling with my online classes because, let's face it, one-on-one experiences are a lot easier than just staring at a screen for several hours, and job hunting isn't going well. But during the time I was bedridden and more or less high on three kinds of painkillers, I watched stuff, and played stuff. Lotsa stuff!

Reviews and summaries under the cut:
Miiiiiriiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! )

So that's about it for now, I suppose. Hopefully I won't have anymore minor anxiety attacks and trudge through this month, but here's what I've got lined up next:


Wreck-It Ralph
Hellsing Ultimate
Sword Art Online
Mimi wo Sumaseba
Neko no Ongaeshi
Stargate-SG1 Season 3


Mass Effect Series
The Looking Glass
Skyward Sword (replay)

So I'll probably be back tomorrow posting again because I'll be geeking out over Wreck-It Ralph, which I have been looking forward to all year long, and then maybe a music rec post later because I've got several new albums and more or less getting into Lapfox, so keep an eye out for that!
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 SO I READ RUBYQUEST and then I caught up with it's spiritual successor Nanquest and those were pretty fucking neat dude. Then I read Boxer Hockey AND THEY'RE ALL PRETTY GOOD WEBCOMICS WOW I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT ON A LOT OF COOL SHIT LIKE SISTER CLAIRE AND GO GET A ROOMIE AND GUNNERKRIGG COURT and there's still so much I gotta read.

I haven't been getting much crap done due to catching up on everything but I am going to make an ATTEMPT to update my fic journal today. Other than that, I've signed up for my three college classes and this semester looks like it's gonna be pretty smooth, other than the fact that Iam PROBABLY gonna have to take an hour to drive to Mancas for another campus but that looks like the only bump on the road.

I get the house to myself again around Thursday, I think, least until Sunday night(?), and I still gotta watch the following:

Hellsing Ultimate
Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo
Voices of a Distant Star
Angel Beats!
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Mawaru Penguindrum
Stargate-SG1 Season 2

THREE OF THOSE ARE MOVIES. One of which ('Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo') is by the guy who did Summer Wars so I'm definitely looking forward to that! And the other two ('Voices of a Distant Star' and 'Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo') are also by the guy who did 5 Centimeters Per Second I AIN'T HOLDING MY BREATH FOR IT TO HAVE ANY EMOTIONAL IMPACT ON ME BUT HEY LOTSA SCENERY PORN I AIN'T COMPLAINING.

Guess I'll start the movies tonight or something after dinner? Hope I don't fall asleep.


And as far as other webcomics go, there's also these gems that I NEED to read!

Patchwork and Lace

I also need to finish Silent Hill Downpour and I dunno I wanna get Minecraft again because my computer was a dick when it shut down last time and is continuing to be a dick because my battery is dying constantly. Gotta get a new one before the semester starts...

Anyways inbetween all that I'm trying to get back into my writing groove and I guess I'll make a music rec post sometime later after I watch stuff and get myself some food.

Also I'm kinda glad summer is almost over I'm sick of the heat BRING ON THE PRETTY COLORS OF FALL
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Wow I was missing out on a lot of neat shit, turns out. I didn't manage to get to everything, but I did watch some things I didn't initially have on the list.
And because I'm bored and this Dreamwidth needs more attention, I'll write a short (or long) review of everything I watched.
You guys are buttfaces! )

And that's what I've watched thus far. I didn't get around to everything, but Baccano! and Hellsing Ultimate are definitely on the must-watch list before college starts in a couple of weeks. I think i'll also add Neon Genesis Evangelion, an anime by Gainax. They also produced Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, and had their hand in FLCL. I also wanna see Voices of a Distant Star for the scenery porn and while the Homestuck hiatus still looms over our heads I've still got to read Rubyquest and Namesake...
Soooo much to read/watch, but oh well.
Aaaand that's all for now!
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Awwww yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh

Gonna spend that time catching up on all the shows I haven't watched:

Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann
Hellsing Ultimate
Gravity Falls
Slayers Movies
Summer Wars

And all the shows I need to finish watching:

Cromartie High School
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2

Anyways, [personal profile] shinigamishi  is also coming over during that time so it's gonna be pretty freaking sweet! Gonna have her here for...10 days? Yeah ten days. And we're gonna be having fun.

Aaaaahhhhh and my HSO entry for Round 3, gotta work on that too.
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So I pretty much deleted all my old journal entries here and decided to start fresh!

Sup all? I'm Primitiveradiogoddess, gigantic Homestuck fan and avid fan of video games. Pleased to meet y'all!

Hope to make the most out of Dreamwidth, but mostly I'll just post occasional life rants and fanfic updates here, along with music and fic recs.
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