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 I'm not even gonna wait for my next big post to rave about Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan) because damn man if you are not watching this anime or reading the manga you need to get your ass in gear and do it now.

I'll sum it up:

-Horror/Thriller manga setting done RIGHT whereas mankind is under siege by man-eating giants that kill and eat them for sport only.
-Really simple gender things that it does well such as unisex military uniforms, women are visible EVERYWHERE in the ranks, no gross fanservice or strategic ripping of clothes, no gender stereotyping among the male OR the female characters, and (as horrible as this sounds) an equal amount of men and woman are regularly killed and eaten gruesomely by the ugly enemies of mankind.
-Hotheaded shounen protagonist that is driven, not by passion or idiocy, but disturbing, deeply-rooted bloodlust and hatred and is constantly curb-stomped and has to have his ass rescued.
-Absolutely FANTASTIC handling of sexuality and not emphasizing a character's traits ONLY on their sexuality.
-Plot twists that don't feel cheap or pulled out the ass and fantastic writing.

The anime isn't that far along and will quite unlikely go as far as the manga is now so go spoil yourself silly on the manga before getting started on the beautifully animated episodes.

In contrast to this glorious horror manga that I've gotten attached to, I've joined the [community profile] hs_worldcup  under the banner of Team Noir, so I don't have to strain under the pressure of being apart of a competing team AND I get to participate in the Bonus Rounds! Here's to hoping that they bring back the super-successful Genre Mixing from last year's HSO!

Additionally, I was linked to a rather realistic Sburb simulator called The Overseer Project, where you can join a session, grind for grist by hammering down enemies of different levels, dream on Prospit/Derse, rise up an Echeladder and get to name the rungs, AND have a whole lot of items to experiment with in alchemy!

If you have a group of friends pining for a Homestuck experience since it's hiatus began, look no further and round them up for an exciting(and time-consuming) game of Sburb, apocalypse not included!

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